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Inglobe Technologies Augmented Reality Company joins Axed Group

August 17th 2015, Rome

Axed Group Spa, leader in the sectors of digital production and enterprise solutions for different sectors, and Inglobe Technologies a leading award winning Augmented Reality startup, today announced that on August 4th they have finalized an operation under which Axed Group entered Inglobe as the majority shareholder thus giving rise to one of the most innovative and integrated companies focused on perceptual computing.

Inglobe’s activity consists in the realization of scalable systems of virtual and augmented reality  for the AEC, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Aerospace verticals based on AR Media platform. With more than 1.800 customers and 45.000 users in 40 countries, many impressive projects have been produced using Inglobe’s tools worldwide.
Axed Group through its three Business Units creates solutions based on new communication and digital media channels, with the strategic use of technologies for different verticals, including automotive, cruises, television and advertising.

The operation will help Axed Group and Inglobe Technologies to bolster their offer in virtual reality, augmented reality, content creation, digital production and enterprise solutions.